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Kaldheim Collector Booster Box (Copy)

Kaldheim Collector Booster Box (Copy)

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12 Collector booster packs from Kaldheim. Collector boosters contain:

Every Kaldheim Collector Booster pack contains 15 cards and 1 foil token, including 5 foil Commons or Snow Dual Lands, 2 Foil Uncommons, 1 Foil Snow Basic Land, 1 Rare Saga or special Rare or Mythic Rare not found in Kaldheim Draft Boosters, 1 Extended-Art Rare or Mythic Rare, 1 Foil Rare or Mythic Rare (Single or Double-Faced), 1 Non-foil Showcase Uncommon, 1 Non-foil Showcase or Borderless Rare or Mythic Rare (Single or Double-Faced), 1 Foil Showcase Uncommon, and 1 Foil Alternate-Frame Rare or Mythic Rare (Single or Double-Faced—Showcase, Borderless, or Extended-Art).



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