For Current or Ex WotCStaff

Current or former employee at Wizards of the Coast? Interested in trading your employee product? This is the right spot!


Who am I?

My name is Bill Stark, and I spent 15 years at Wizards of the Coast. I started in Game Design, built the WPN website, the Companion and EventLink apps, served as a producer on Magic Online and Magic Arena, and even created Draft Night. After “retiring” early, I built a side hustle selling off many years of Magic and D&D collectibles. Several friends and former colleagues from Wizards reached out asking if I could help them to do the same and I’ve enjoyed the experience so much I’m extending the service. Here’s how that benefits you:


For Active WotC Staff

If you’re active WotCStaff and would like to turn some of your gaming gear into other things, I can help! Because of the rules around the buying/selling of goods, our trades are always above board and within the bounds of the policies of your employer. A few options:


  • I offer 5% over the standard buylist in trade from Amazon or in gaming goods for items in your collection
  • I trade for bulk Magic cards (1,000 of any English Magic card, including basic lands and tokens) at $3 in trade from or $5 in trade from major online vendors, or 2 sealed booster packs per 1,000 cards


Example: turning booster boxes into camping gear

Chris works for Wizards and has six booster boxes he would like to turn into camping supplies. He sends me a list of what he has, which is worth about $300 in trade. We work out which camping items he wants from Amazon, I pick up the boxes and ship $300 in camping supplies from Amazon straight to Chris’ home. No cash or cash equivalents are exchanged, keeping Chris in line with his employer’s policies.


Example: turning all those extra random cards into a dual land

Sheila has 100,000 free table cards cluttering up her home. They’re all in English and in decent shape, but don’t feature any “valuable” cards she cares about keeping. She’d like to trade them for a Revised dual land. I offer $5 in trade for each 1000 cards, leaving her with about $500 in value. I trade her an Unlimited Savannah for the collection, and Sheila upgrades her Commander deck while freeing up a lot of space in her home, all while operating in accordance with company trade policies.


(Note: I have effectively every Magic card in existence in my collection and available for trades)


For Ex WotC Staff

If you’ve left WotC and are looking to offload some or all of your collection from your time there, I’m happy to help! There are a few options:


  • I’m happy to offer you a price for your collection. Typically I pay standard buylist +5%, and offer $3 cash per 1,000 on bulk Magic cards. This option is great for getting one big payment and being done with things. I drive directly to you!
  • I’m happy to auction your collection for you using my eBay account. Enjoy the benefits of a reputable seller with significant references, a high seller rating, and experience in getting the most eyes on your auction, plus shipping costs are taken from my fees not yours! This option is a flat 30% on sale price for all items sold.


Best of all, I come to you to make things super easy. If you’d like to discuss a trade, you can reach out to me via any of these methods: