For My Friends Leaving Game Jobs

Hey, you're great. Before we talk about anything else, I want you to know that. You're great, and days like today don't change that.


That's not an attempt to downplay how today feels. It's just important to know that when you leave a place involuntarily it feels as emotionally devastating as a real relationship breakup. It can hurt, the type of hurt that fades with time, but still HURTS. In addition to pain, you may start to second guess your own abilities. "Am I not good at my job?" That's natural, but the reality is: you're great. And this doesn't change that.


What's Next

If you're getting laid off, you'll have a conversation about what the package looks like. You're entitled to meet with an employment attorney to review it. Make sure you understand it THOROUGHLY. That's hard to do when you're dealing with the emotional trauma of leaving a company, but take as many deep breaths as you can and do the best you can to understand things.


Your health insurance will be okay. You're going to have coverage through your severance package, and you can buy on the private market afterwards. It'll be okay.


If you don't already, make an appointment with a therapist. It's really helpful to process through some intense times. Seriously. Make it a goal to get an appointment by next week.



Selling Your Stuff

You've got a lot of gaming collectibles. You've dutifully held onto them because you knew SOMEDAY you'd have the chance to sell them. That time is now, if you want it to be. Here are the high level options:

  • You'll get the MOST money for your goods by selling them yourself through platforms like eBay, TCGPlayer, or opening your own Shopify store (like I did here). This approach also costs the MOST time.
  • You'll get the LEAST money for your goods by selling them wholesale to online buyers. In the Seattle area, CardKingdom is a big one. This gets you one check all at once and costs you the least amount of time.
  • You'll get more money for less time by selling to me. I pay over buylist and do the work for you. Reach out to me here if that's something you want to discuss, or if you just have questions about any of the other options.

Finding a New Job

You're going to be okay. You've got severance, gaming goods to sell if you want extra cash, and a lot of high value skills from working for a big gaming company that are desired in the marketplace. Deep breaths, and enjoy some upcoming free time. When you're ready to start looking, there are lots of companies that are interested in hiring you. I know, because I'm at one currently. I encourage you to reach out to me directly to talk roles if you'd like, still in the tabletop gaming space. I'd love to work with you again!

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